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pacman Notes [bash]

pacman Notes

Keeping a list of native, explicitly installed packages can be useful to speed up installation on a new system.

$ pacman -Qqen > pkglist.txt

To install packages from the list backup, run:

# pacman -S - < pkglist.txt

In case the list includes foreign packages, such as AUR packages, remove them first:

# pacman -S $(comm -12 <(pacman -Slq | sort) <(sort pkglist))

To remove all the packages on your system that are not mentioned in the list.

# pacman -Rsu $(comm -23 <(pacman -Qq | sort) <(sort pkglist))

To clean out old packages stored in package cache, keeping previous version’s package (k1 = previous, k2 = previous and one before, etc., rvk1 = remove (verbose) keep 1).

# paccache -rvk1